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Vitamins for Lymphedema - Vitamins for Life

Vitamins are a part of the crucial nutrition circle for a healthy life. Vitamins deficiency causes many diseases and medical conditions, or contributes to them.

I am a proponent of vitamins supplement for two reasons:

1. Stress, whether if be mental or physical depletes your bodies reserves. A body with a depeleted vitamin reserve is less likely to heal from wounds, and infections, is less likely to cope with stress, and is much more vunerable to further illnesses.

2. In our modern world of processed, bleached, regurgitated and fast food products, much of the nutrient is gone before it reaches you table. Therefore, it is necessary to help in our vitamin requirements by taking supplements.

3. Lymphedema and the constant battle with infections and usage of antibiotics changes our vitamin requirements. Infections and antibioticsboth can depelete vitamin reserves and it is necessary to take supplements.

Numbers, Types and Functions of Vitamins

There are 13 known vitamins and these are divided into two types.

Fat soluble - Vitamins that are absorbed and stored within our fat cells. It is importantto remember that you can overdose on these vitamins and the results can lead so serious toxic poisonings and conditions. In the case of fat soluble vitamins, more is not better.

Water soluble - Vitamins wherein your body uses what it needs for the moment and then flushes the remaining ones from your system via the urine. Inadequate intake of these also leads to complications and conditions.

Because of the above, I always recommend chelated or time-released vitamins. That way, your body is constantly getting the required vitamins throughout your day and you don't have to worry about to much or to little.

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