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Homegrown beef with no hormones, antibiotics on sale

Homegrown beef with no hormones, antibiotics on sale

Mar 4, 2012

SALISBURY — Burleson Farms offers all-natural beef for sale in Rowan County.

Lanny Burleson started raising cattle naturally three years ago after retiring from East Rowan High School, where he taught agriculture for 24 years.

While his family has raised cattle on a Stanly County farm since the 1950s, Burleson said he decided to try raising all-natural cattle with no hormones or antibiotics.

He sells the beef at Variety Produce in Rockwell, as well as online at

Burleson cattle eat grasses and hay grown on the family farm, and all beef is homegrown from birth to harvest.

“Our cattle are well cared for as they grow, free from the growth-enhancing antibiotics, added hormones, preservatives and animal by-products commonly used in commercial feed lots,” Burleson said.

Their diet is supplemented with small amounts of grain prior to processing to enhance the beef’s marbling and flavor, he said.

he said.

Burleson Farms cattle are guaranteed to be at least 50 percent Angus, crossbred with European breeds to gain hybrid vigor and efficiency while maintaining the tenderness and flavor of Angus beef, Burleson said.

Beef is sold in eighths, quarters or half sides. An eighth side of beef weighs between 50 and 60 pounds ($5.75 per pound), a quarter side between 100 and 125 pounds ($5.50 per pound) and a half side about 250 pounds ($5 per pound). Two adults typically eat a quarter side of beef per year. The beef is packaged, vacuum sealed, weighed and labeled according to the type of cut.

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